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First things first

Emotionally prepare your family for the move. Contact moving companies and compare rates. Gather important documents and valuables together in one place for special transport. Notify the post office of your address change. Notify all publications of your new address well in advance so there will be no interrupted service.

Photograph each room before you start to pack. Inventory all of your belongings; include the date you purchased each item, the original cost, and the current value. Arrange to have school records and transcripts forwarded. Close out accounts with local banks and businesses. Ask your doctor and dentist for referrals in your new city.

Arrange for temporary accommodations if necessary. Contact utility companies in the new city and arrange to have services turned on by moving day.read more detailed information on this post.

Four Weeks Prior to Moving Day

Go through every room in the house and check the garage. Trash, sell, give away and pack! Make travel arrangements for your family and your pets. Hold a garage sale; donate to a local charity. Begin using all perishable food; donate what you can’t use before moving day. Collect packing materials. Begin packing the least essential items.

Two Weeks Prior to Moving Day

Service your car for the trip. Pay bills and plan ahead for bills that will be due immediately upon arrival in your new home. Wash or dry clean and pack items such as curtains, quilts and bed covers. Continue packing. Double-check with utility companies to ensure that services will be disconnected locally and turned on at your new residence. Draw a floor plan of your new house and begin placing furniture. Return any borrowed items.

Two Days Prior to Moving Day

Wash all laundry. Pack suitcases for the trip. Prepare “necessity” boxes to be opened first at the new house. Empty and clean refrigerator; leave door propped open to completely dry. Drain water from appliances and gasoline from all garden tools. Finish packing.get additional tips at http://rismedia.com/2015-07-18/5-tips-to-avoid-a-delay-in-your-home-closing/

Moving Day

Fill an ice chest with soft drinks and snacks. Make sure that every item has been tagged or marked. Take a final walk through of each room checking to ensure that closets and cupboards are empty. Direct movers. Turn off all lights. Close windows and lock doors.

packing tips

Your New Home ~ Moving In

Be on time to accept delivery! Payment may be required before unloading can begin. Post your floor plan on the entry door to direct placement of furniture. Guide movers as they unload boxes and check each item off your inventory list. Make the beds for a good night’s sleep, you certainly deserve it!